2023 Marketing Trends

The marketing world evolves at a fast pace. Marketers on every level need to stay up to date with all the new changes and information, including 2023 marketing trends to stay ahead of.

Influencer Marketing Will Become a Common Marketing Tactic

Influencer marketing has picked up, and this trend is expected to stay on pace into 2023. More than 89% of marketers are currently engaged with influencer marketing to increase their investment for next year.

Content for Video Marketing Will Shorten

Short-form video is becoming more popular. More than 90% of marketers, including B2C and B2B marketers, use this kind of content to maintain their investment for the new year.

Social Media Platforms as Customer Service Tools

Marketers are using direct messages through social media platforms to offer customer support. The Millenial and Gen Z crowd like to communicate with brands this way and have reportedly contacted a brand on social media for customer service at least once in the past few months.

Businesses Will Use SEO for Search Traffic

A marketer’s objective is to ensure their brand’s website is visible. SEO isn’t a new concept, but it is becoming a larger part of many marketing strategies today. SEO strategies fall right behind influencer marketing and short-form video content. By 2023, more than 88% of marketers will have a solid SEO strategy in place.

Rising Importance of Mobile Optimization

Consumers spend a good amount of time on their mobile devices, making mobile optimization increasingly important for marketers in 2023. More marketers will invest in mobile web design, and SEO marketers will consider it an effective investment.

Social Responsibility Will Be Prioritized

Social responsibility and transparency matter to consumers. They want brands to take on more of a stance when it comes to social issues, which will make a big impact on consumers’ purchasing decisions.

These are just the tip of the iceberg regarding 2023 marketing trends. Consumers are not being treated as an afterthought, which shows in how marketing companies are continuing to operate into 2023.