3 Low-Investment Businesses To Consider Starting

Starting your own business may seem like a dream because you lack the resources you need to succeed. Well, today, we have some low-investment businesses to consider starting. These low-cost ideas can help you start your own brand, no matter your budget.

Resume Writing

Most of the money made with resume writing is going to be pure profit. Resume writing is a service that many value, and it doesn’t require any start-up funds. Resume writers typically work for a fee, depending on the client’s needs. The overhead is low, but it can turn into a highly paid field with the potential to earn a great profit.

Content Creation

As a creative professional, you will find that the news and social media have created opportunities for both writers and graphic designers. You can share high-quality and shareable content for businesses and news outlets. This industry is fast-growing, and it is becoming easier to market yourself as a professional service provider.

To get started in this low-investment business, you need to understand your audience, build a conversion-focused website, make your content easy to find, and then find successful ways to promote your content. Be original, actionable, and informative.


According to Forbes, the consulting industry is worth more than $100 billion a year and is predicted to grow approximately 80 percent over the next several years. So, there has never been a better time than now to grow your low-investment consulting business.

Everyone has a problem that needs to be solved. If the problem is important, people will be more willing to pay to have the solution. To start consulting, all you really need is a cell phone and a laptop. There is no product needed, no overhead, and no capital required to start your consulting business.