3 New Interactive Technology Devices to Help Shoppers

A new world of technology greets consumers. Will they find these new advances exciting or annoying? Many stores are choosing interactive technology to enhance their shopper’s experiences in their stores. Holographic greeters that offer virtual advice to shoppers including fashion advice giving mirrors and touch screen information kiosks. Many department stores are already in the works for obtaining this highly advanced technological equipment. The technology is aimed at providing personalized advice and attention to consumers to enhance their experience.

Patricia Aburdene, author of Megatrends 2010: The Rise of Conscious Capitalism feels that technology should be balanced between overkill and heightening human sensuality. Louis Rosas-Guyon, president of R-Squared Computing and author of Nearly Free IT for Micro and Small Businesses, feels that any technology that helps her become more efficient will win in her book.

Virtual Greeters
This is a holographic display of a greeter that meets you when you enter a department store. Depending on the type of store you enter, they may be giving examples of why you need to get an eye exam or other offers from the store. An advantage to the store is the virtual greeter takes the place of a person, and to the consumer the greeter provides useful discounts through a QR codes they displayed.

Interactive Mirrors
Interactive mirrors are designed for retailers to help customers make fashion decisions without having the expense of hiring a personal stylist. These virtual stylists make recommendations after a customer tries on an outfit or holds up an outfit. When a customer chooses to use the mirror for fashion advice they will offer additional accessories or choices for the customer. When the mirror is not in use, the stores can use the space to play advertisements to the customers. It is another way to maximize the sales from each customer that walks in the store.

Touchscreens are becoming a worldwide addition to the shopping experience. Shoppers can discover information about products as well as locating a specific product in a store. This is a fantastic way for shoppers to compare features between different products. Many stores are finding that this is helpful in a world of information overload. Customers feel secure with purchases when they are able to compare items that they are purchasing to make sure they are getting the best deal possible.

These technology assistants are expected to be in many of the chain retails stores in the near future. Many of the large big ticket retailers are incorporating this type of technology in their stores.

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