Work To Live, Or Live To Work?

For many entrepreneurs, the ideal of running a company is not just the sense of achievement at making one’s own way, but it is also the benefit of setting one’s own rules.  As an owner, there is some luxury that can be afforded to the way the business is run, and the hope is that this not only brings success for the enterprise, but also for personal life.

Of course, there is a lot of effort that needs to be expended in getting a company up and running.  This devotion can certainly be the focus and the passion of the moment, but small business owners do need to be careful that this is not the only reason for getting up in the morning.  Family, friends, and personal time are all a part of life as well, and being able to achieve growth in all sectors of life is what true wellness is.

Balancing work and life can be a challenge at any stage starting a small business.  Each of these things needs attention and care in order to thrive and grow, and it may be easy to become so focused on business growth, that personal life begins to whither.  However, the business will also begin to suffer, if one is not at peace with this level of life engagement.

As a small business owner, a person does have the ability to enact the necessary choices in order to create this balance.  Often, taking time away from the office in order to play, or just relax with the family, allows for a replenished sense of purpose.  This carries over into the business, so that the balance is really achieved through overall happiness, and not just success in one aspect of life.

Finding contentment and the ability to grow does come down to being happy with the choices that are made.  This can include stepping away from the work for a while in order to gain perspective, and to remember personal core values that drive motivation and focus.