4 Entrepreneurial “Red Flags” To Be Aware Of

As entrepreneurs, we oftentimes make mistakes that are unavoidable.  It’s just our nature as human beings as well as one of the reasons that we are entrepreneurs.  As business owners, we cannot be afraid of making mistakes.  So we are not afraid to take chances, even though we risk looking like fools at times.  However, there are times when this mentality tends to knock us off course and signals us to stop so we can evaluate whether or not what we are doing is the right thing.   Here are the 4 entrepreneurial red flags to be cognizant of:

You always seem to be angry – you’re going to get angry every now and then.  That’s just a part of being in business.  However, when you can’t get over it and you spend more time angry than not, there could be other problems that run much deeper than just your business.  This may be an indication that you need to discuss your issues with a professional counsellor.

You constantly question why you are doing what you are doing – there are always going to be those moments when you question why you even went into business in the first place.  You doubt your sanity and oftentimes just shake your head.  If you find yourself becoming bitter or cannot answer the “why” question, it may be time to change businesses.

You never get to spend time with family members and friends – having a business goal is one thing.  Just don’t let it get in the way of the relationships you have with your family members and friends.  Remember, assets and material things are replaceable – the people in your life are not.

You’re disappointed at the direction your life has taken – business is supposed to have a positive impact by contributing to the economy, creating jobs, and serving the customer well.  If not, it may indicate the need for change.