6 Home Based Business Ideas That Let you Work From Home

When you decide you want to own and operate a business, you may begin thinking about renting commercial real estate, having to commute, and managing employees. However, with the rise in home based businesses, you can cut all that out and set up shop at home.

We have listed below 6 home-based business ideas that let you work from home.

Sell Homemade Products You Make Yourself
If you have amazing products you make yourself, you can easily turn your hobby into a business. When you do this, you have control over almost every aspect, including the cost, the quality, and what audience you want to cater to.  To sell your own products online simply get a website (we can help with that!) and upload your products and starting marketing & advertising the store online (try Facebook or Google ads).  Alternatively you can sell home made products at your local market/s.

Start a Dropshipping Store
When you sell homemade products, you can typically store the inventory at home. However, there are other online business ideas that allow you to take the responsibility of shipping and inventory off your shoulders. Enter dropshipping. A third party produces, stores, and ships products on your behalf, which leaves you with marketing and customer service responsibilities.  Click Start sell a range of ready to go drop shipping stores so check them out here. 

Start a Print On Demand Store
You can also follow the drop shipping model for this work from home idea as well. If you have design skills, you can create your own designs to print onto products such as t-shirts, yoga pants, mugs, hats and more.  You can create your own designs, upload them to your website and start marketing and advertising them online (or sell at the local markets!).  Check out printful.com 

Sell Your Service or Expertise
When you have a service to offer, you will find it is easier than having products. However, time is money when it comes to a service-based business, which means that “make money while you sleep” goes out the window!  You might start freelancing or work remotely from your home for a company or client. Some services to consider include tutoring, house cleaning, freelance writing, personal training, virtual assistants, dog walking, marketing, and designing.  If you want to offer yourself for freelancing work check out websites such as Upwork.com 

Grow an Audience You Can Monetize
Finally, if you are a content creator, then you probably already have a decently sized audience at your disposal. Maybe you have only played around with the idea of starting your own blog. If you have a blog, YouTube channel, Instagram account, or podcast, you can grow your audience and ultimately monetize this.  However, keep in mind, this option requires you to have a fair amount of patience as well as consistency and focus. It takes time to build a following you can monetize, but the potential is definitely there.

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