A little bit of Friday inspiration for you ….


I went to a Simon Sinek workshop earlier this week, and I must say I came out feeling very inspired, and it really got me thinking about how I position what and why I do what I do, and I wanted to share this with you.

Simon says to think about why you do what you do (work wise) and then base that around how you market your business. So the first question I asked myself was “Why do I want to help others have a good web presence, work for themselves, be entrepreneurial, grow their own business & be successful?”

My mind flooded with the following responses… I want everyone to have more freedom, take charge of their own life, take charge of their own financial success, be passionate about what they do, have a better lifestyle, spend more time doing what they love doing etc.   So how do I summarise all of this into one short sentence?  “Build a better future, build your own business”.  What do you think? This is my new slogan! Would love to hear your feedback.

So, more importantly, do you know how to sell your services / business, while getting across to people how you can help them in one quick sentence?  Something for you to think about!!

Anyway I have shared below with you some of his quotes that summarize the workshop (posted earlier today via the Business Chicks website).

For more information on Simon & his book “Start With Why” check out his website.

Enjoy & have a lovely weekend!


What’s your why?

“When you work really hard but don’t know where you’re going it’s called stress. When there’s a destination it’s called passion.”

“When we have a clear destination the route is flexible.”

“The goal is to surround yourself by people who believe what you believe.”


On leadership …

“You cannot lead a company; you can run a company. You lead people.”

“If people are willing to take risks for you, willing to sacrifice for you, then you’re a leader.”

“Leaders are the compass. That’s the only role of a leader.”

“You can learn more about someone by who they follow than you can about the leade.r”

“We follow leaders not for them, but for ourselves.”


On people …

“Curiosity is the single most valuable asset in your people.”

“Big things happen because young people have crazy ideas; it’s beautiful!”

“We’re not joining a company; we’re joining a team, a group of people.”


Simon says …

“Stop worrying about things you can’t control, and start obsessing about things you can.”