About Click Start Digital

We got started back in 2012 to help people create a profitable home-based business that can be run from anywhere!

Our passion is helping anyone, with any level of experience create an income stream for themselves and their family, regardless of what their background is, and we believe this can be achieved within the eCommerce industry.

Click Start Digital have offices & staff located World-wide, and we are the number 1 provider of eCommerce turn-key business solutions. Our business was born a decade ago, and to date, we have helped thousands of people create a home-based business within the online retail industry, all with little to no experience, and we want to help you too!

We are one of the only companies around that offer a complete eCommerce solution packaged with face-to-face tailored coaching for each and every client. Every successful person has a coach or mentor, and this is one of our unique differences to what else is out there.

We offer complete transparency on who we are (be wary if a business doesn’t), so you can read more about our team below.

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The Team.


Sam is an Author (The Speedy Start Up) and the Founder of Click Start Digital. Sam has decades of experience in setting up, running, building & selling profitable online & e-commerce businesses.


She is passionate about helping anyone with any level of experience launch & run a new business, so they too can have the freedom and flexibility that she has created from being a successful business owner over the last 20+ years.


Sam is an active member & board member of the Entrepreneur Organisation, a global organisation where members are running businesses with revenue in excess of $1mil USD.

Susan Francis
general manager

With over two decades of experience in e-commerce, fashion, and the coaching industries, Susan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from multiple aspects of running and scaling businesses. 


After a successful career as a General Manager in fashion and ecommerce, Susan started her own entrepreneurial journey in 2016 after the birth of her daughter.  She pivoted and reskilled as a mindset, manifestation and business coach and successfully grew and scaled her own coaching business and helped multiple clients double and triple their own monthly revenue within just a few short months. 


Having helped multiple businesses grow and scale she is passionate about sharing her breadth of knowledge and helping others create both time and financial freedom doing something they love. 

Account Manager

Jessica brings over 20 years experience in marketing, advertising, and customer experience having held senior roles within Telstra, ANZ, IBM, AGL, and Leo Burnett.


The ‘customer’ is central to Jessica’s DNA and she finds immense satisfaction empowering clients in understanding who their customer is, where they are coming from and what their customer is buying to ensure their online business is optimised and making sales.


Launching her own successful start-up in 2017, Jessica is incredibly motivated and passionate about sharing her knowledge and key learnings to help others realise their financial dreams and freedom.

bec lau marsh
business mentor & coach

Having created two disruptive businesses in the e-commerce and fashion industries, Rebecca is one of a few to have lived through the entrepreneur business cycle from startup to exit.


In 2007 she started one of Australia’s first women’s e-commerce sites and was featured in various TV, magazine, newspaper and online interviews applauding her entrepreneurial success.


In late 2011, Rebecca started her second e-commerce business after seeing an opportunity to disrupt the bridal and occasion-wear market. The business grew rapidly and in mid-2015 after the business reported a 100% revenue increase, Rebecca successfully sold her business to publicly listed retail company The PAS Group.

Warren sager
business mentor

Warren has successfully started, scaled, and sold over 15 different e-commerce businesses over the last 30 years. Warren is currently semi-retired and enjoys coaching e-commerce newbies.


He started his career learning from the top leaders at Walmart & he then branched out to start his own successful eCommerce businesses including e-retailer leader Knife-Depot.com amongst many others.


Warren also runs an association of e-commerce professionals that meet to share ideas and help each other overcome challenges in the e-commerce industry. This group is comprised of about 25 leading e-commerce companies with member annual sales of over $800M.

head Business Coach

Rebecca is an ex-client of Click Start Digital and brings to the team over 15 years’ experience in Business and Marketing. Rebecca enjoys helping other people achieve their dreams and goals through building their own successful business within the digital landscape.


She has extensive experience in website platforms and social media marketing gained through developing her own online home wares business over 7 years ago and can assist you to get your business heading in the right direction.


Rebecca has an empathetic and encouraging way of coaching and she can relate to all of the business ups and downs having gone through the Click Start system herself many years ago.

lyndelle palmer-clarke
business coach

Lyndelle is a serial entrepreneur, business coach, and the founder of a global e-commerce brand in personal and professional development and the creator of a proprietary white-label product that has been shipped to 135 countries.


With expertise in mindset, strategy, product development, systems, automation, marketing, team, and brand building, Lyndelle bootstrapped and scaled her brand to multiple 7 figures before successfully exiting at the end of 2022.

Lyndelle intimately knows the agony and ecstasy of building an online brand and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and coaching other founders to create successful brands and achieve their personal and business goals.

ashleigh baker
Business Coach

Ashleigh, a Click Start Digital client, offers a wealth of entrepreneurial and corporate experience. With over a decade spanning both realms, her journey seamlessly blends business ventures and corporate success.


Her diverse background encompasses client support, team management, and human services, highlighting her extensive skill set. As a business coach, Ashleigh prioritises collaboration and empowerment, guided by her grasp of the digital marketing landscape. She champions growth and independence, grounded in a strengths-based philosophy.


Ashleigh’s coaching thrives on clients’ aspirations. Her commitment, informed by her entrepreneurial and corporate background, ensures steadfast support to help clients achieve business objectives. As a current online business owner, she intimately understands the challenges faced by others, fostering unique empathy and effectiveness in assisting them on their journeys.

MOIRA scheyen
client service manager

Moira is a highly experienced and accomplished professional, boasting a wealth of expertise in client support, social media management, and administration. With her vast knowledge and skill set, she is an invaluable asset to our team.


Her dedication shines through as she passionately assists clients in all facets of launching a new store. Moira’s exceptional contributions extend beyond client support, as she assumes a pivotal role in generating innovative business names and ideas for our team, while skillfully managing our support team.


Furthermore, Moira possesses extensive proficiency in various platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, and a multitude of CRM systems. 

troy beahan
client service manager

With a dynamic career spanning nearly two decades in customer service and a decade in IT and software, Troy Beahan is a seasoned professional uniquely equipped to understand and address clients’ multifaceted needs. His solid foundation in technology, paired with his long-standing dedication to client relations, has allowed him to bridge the gap between technical and customer-facing roles with finesse.


As an ecommerce client of Click Start Digital, Troy has firsthand experience in the challenges and opportunities presented in the digital commerce landscape. This provides him with an insightful perspective that sets him apart as a Client Service Manager. Leveraging his vast expertise, Troy is committed to fostering relationships, ensuring client success, and propelling businesses into the future with robust and user-friendly tech solutions.

maica azeulo
admin assistant

Maica has years of experience in offering general administration support and customer service within global organisations.


She has several years experience working with many eCommerce platforms including WordPress & Shopify and she is responsible for our product uploads for our clients.

maria alano
admin assistant

Maria has been working with small businesses since 2011 and is very experienced in Data Entry, Data Research and Product listing tasks.


She is highly experienced with listing products on Etsy, Ebay, Shopify, WooCommerce and Neto.


When Maria isnt working she enjoys spending time with her kids.

Website Developer

Dzmitry is a highly skilled professional with decades of experience in website development and theme creation. With a strong expertise in this field, he has successfully built and delivered over 2000+ WordPress and Shopify websites throughout his career.


Dzmitry’s proficiency extends to various technologies, including PHP, jQuery, CSS, and other web development tools. His deep understanding of these technologies allows him to create websites that run at optimal efficiency, providing a seamless user experience for visitors.