How To Avoid The Death Of Your Email List

An automated Email list is a great time saver, as it gives you the opportunity to reach a wide audience while simultaneously giving them all the information you’d wish to relay. However, when not done correctly or in an engaging fashion, these Emails won’t be read, and this could spell the death for your Email list and its effectiveness entirely. Being too aggressive with an Email list is one of the most commonly encountered problems, as well as making sure that the content of the Email is interesting and something that your readers will want to take time to see.


4 ways to avoid the death of your Email list are:

  1. Tracking your activity – Tracking your activity will allow you to gauge the overall engagement and success of your Email list, and most Email list software will allow you to track this information easily. Open rates, click-through rates, and unsubscriptions are just some of the things you can track to make sure that you’re reaching the audience the way they wish to be reached.
  1. Base actions on activity – Many Email marketing software programs will allow you to see your engagement individually when it comes to your activity rates. Subscribers will often be rated using a star or similar system, and this will allow you to see just who is most active with your marketing Emails. When this information is available, you can target more active subscribers with your more aggressive Email marketing plans and feel confident that they’ll respond to your efforts.
  1. Don’t stop building – Adding to your list should never be something that ceases, and this can be done using different forms of outreach and marketing. From social media outreach, to mobile applications, it’s always best to make your Email list accessible to all who may be interested in your brand.
  1. Split-testing frequency – Different recipients will respond to different frequencies of Emails, and it’s best to test which are most effective when looking to reach a long-term marketing goal.