Basic Marketing Tips For Your eCommerce Website

You’ve developed your website, selected the products to sell, have your packaging materials all set, and have even set up a payment processor account.  Now all you need is some visitor traffic that can be converted into sales and eventually profits.  The key is to start marketing your eCommerce website in order to bring in the customers.  Granted, it may sound easier said than done.  However, here are a few basic marketing tips that could be helpful:

Get seen by your target audience – profiling your target audience’s demographics is vital to establishing an online presence and good visibility.  So if you have an online candy and snack business, you don’t want to advertise on an exercise and fitness website.

If you want to engage your social media followers, apply the 80/20 rule – when developing your social media marketing campaign, your content should be broken down as follows:  80% topical industry news to 20% pitching your eCommerce website and products.

Optimise your website – the first step to getting your eCommerce site up and running is optimizing it for ease of use and getting found in the search engines.  Keep in mind that the consumer is a very impatient animal and will only wait a couple of seconds for a website to load.  So make sure yours load as quickly as possible.

Prepare yourself for consumer reviews – online reviews are the consumer’s most trusted resource.  In fact, 88% of all online shoppers rely on them as much as they trust family member and friend referrals.  Consumers can now take advantage of dozens of websites that offer the ability to complain about products as well as praise them.

Keep it simple, Stupid – Along with your optimised website, you want to practice the K.I.S.S. principle so that you have a comprehensible and simple landing page.  Keep content relevant and to the point while at the same time adding clear and readable graphics and images.