Beating Procrastination

beat_procrastinationProcrastination has been a problem for a lot of people ever since they received homework assignments at school, and it’s something that needs to be overcome. Procrastination can have negative effects not only at school but at work, at home, and for the businesses that entrepreneurs have built. So here are a few tips for beating procrastination and getting some work done at home or at your business.

  • Break the work up. You don’t have to do everything right away, or even all together. If you can break your work up into smaller pieces that you can do in intervals it may help to alleviate stress and get you started.
  • Make a deadline, and ensure that someone else will help you keep it. This is part of holding yourself accountable not only to yourself, but to someone else as well. If an employee, friend, or family member knows about the work you need to get done and your deadline then they can make sure you meet that deadline. By involving someone else in the process you’ll be more likely to do your work so you don’t disappoint them.
  • Just do it. Thinking about the things you need to get done won’t help. It will stress you out and waste time. So stop thinking about everything you need to get done, and how much you don’t want to do it. You’ll save time, and reduce stress, if you just do your work now.

These three tips are only a few ways to help you beat procrastination. They’re easier said than done, though, so try to come up with your own ways to beat procrastination. Tips and tricks that are specific to your personality are more likely to help you actually get up and work, instead of wasting your time by procrastinating.