Best eCommerce Niches to Consider in 2021

If you want to start a profitable online business, then your search has likely led you here. If you are looking for the best eCommerce niches to consider in 2021, you have come to the right place. We will go over what you need to know when creating a niche website and what to consider when choosing which niche to go with.

Defining eCommerce Niches

Before we go any further, we first need to make sure you understand what an eCommerce niche is, so you have better luck finding the niche with the greatest potential and value. A niche is simply a smaller subsection of a much larger market.

Once you find a market you are interested in, you can narrow that market down into subsections where you will sell just one type of product or focus on just one category.

A good eCommerce niche will target a specific buyer and attract a smaller audience, allowing you to build your business more successfully.

Finding Your Niche

Now you have to do a bit of research to find your niche. First, analyze niche markets and trends to see what is most popular now and what is proving to be most profitable. You can then study the competition within that specific niche to see what is working and what isn’t. If you are just starting out, it is best to avoid niches that have larger competitors.

Now you can research niche market keywords. Keyword research supplies you with a ton of valuable information about the level of competition you can expect within your chosen niche.

For example, if the keywords are highly competitive and have high search volumes, this tells you that the niche is highly competitive and may take extra time and money to make that particular niche profitable.

Best eCommerce Niches to Consider

Now that you know the value of finding the right niche, let’s take a look at some of the best eCommerce niches to consider in 2021.

  • Environmentally Friendly and Eco-Conscious: One of the most popular trends currently is in eco-friendly products. More buyers are searching for eco-friendly products that will fit best with a sustainable lifestyle.


  • Vegan Cosmetics: It is projected that the vegan cosmetics market is set to grow until at least 2023. More people are looking for vegan-friendly products, and you will find that cruelty-free makeup and vegan beauty are just two terms gaining in popularity within the niche very quickly.


  • Home Exercise Equipment: With more people choosing to work out at home and avoid large and crowded gyms, there has been a rise in the demand for home exercise equipment this year. Fitness has always been considered an evergreen niche, meaning mixing this niche with the newest trends can lead to a more profitable eCommerce niche.


  • Home Office Equipment: Remote jobs have been steadily rising over the past year, which has caused an uptick in demand for home office equipment, and this trend doesn’t seem to be going away. A survey found that approximately 74% of companies have decided to continue to allow their employees to work remotely, even after the pandemic is over. However, this niche can also prove competitive, so find an angle and focus on that.


  • Subscription Boxes: Over the last few years, the interest in subscription boxes has been steadily rising and continues to rise due to the vast selection available. You can see an even bigger spike in this niche during holiday seasons. If you can find a unique product and deliver exceptional service, you can improve customer lifetime value.


  • Beauty Devices: Not many people realise the potential the beauty devices niche has. Just like technology is constantly evolving, so is the beauty niche. To be profitable in this niche, you want to watch for the products in demand and follow the growing trends.


  • Pet Supplies: Welcome to the puppy boom. Because we are all spending more time at home, people are investing in furry companions. In recent times, the cost for the average puppy has jumped from $2000 right up to $8000. Pet products has certainly seen a rise in online sales with new puppy owners spending up big on their new furry friends.

Benefits of Finding Your Niche

Now that you know which niches are popular in eCommerce in 2021, you need to understand how beneficial it is to find the right niche. First, you will find that advertising is cheaper because a niche audience is much smaller, requiring a smaller budget.

Second, depending on which niche you choose, you can find fewer competitors because you compete with fewer brands. This is where keyword research will prove to be a valuable tool. Third, you will find more engaged customers.

They will visit your site because they have a problem and know that you have the solution to that problem. So, the more specific you can be with your product, the better. It means a smaller audience, more loyal customers, and a unique value proposition.

Even though some niche sites can be competitive, you will find success if you do the research and focus on your specific niche.