The Biggest Marketing Trend For 2017?

2016 saw a new way of marketing called native content. Native content focuses more on engaging customers with your brand naturally and fostering targeted relationships, rather than just simply casting a wide net across social media and hoping for a return. Companies have had huge success implementing native advertising, so in 2017 expect to see this growing trend everywhere.

Engagement Versus Likes

Until recently, marketers have measured the success of a campaign based on the number of likes and shares of social media content. However, when really thinking about the efficacy of your campaign, are likes the best metric? Not really. It is in fact better to have less likes and more customer engagement, than a ton of likes and minimal customer engagement. Native content focuses on engaging your niche, loyal customers and really building a relationship rather than just trying to build brand awareness across a large audience.

How To Go Native

Implementing a native content strategy means rethinking your social media marketing. Instead of filling your social media with a bunch of promotional links, create content that provides immense value to your loyal customers. This content should be immersive, shareable, and interactive. So think about videos, photos, and blog posts that are informational and entertaining that can engage customers naturally rather than drafting a sales pitch.

Going native means rethinking your marketing strategy. However, you don’t have to throw out your old campaigns. Implement native advertising alongside the other successful marketing campaigns you have in place. Also, even though native advertising is a very organic method of marketing, don’t be afraid to boost your content when necessary.

With native advertising you can engage your customers in a brand new way and help foster a strong relationship. So make sure you add this major trend to your 2017 marketing strategy.