Building Trust as a New Business

Everybody’s got to start somewhere. But when you’re starting a new business, especially one that’s online, there’s one critical factor you lack; “street cred.” Because you’re new, you have no reputation, no past user reviews, none of the usual factors that people will fall back on to research whether you’re a safe entrepreneur to do business with, or a fly-by-night scammer. So what do you? How do you overcome this gap and start earning some trust? We’ve got some ideas for you.

Tell Your Story On Social Media

Keep a blog, have a Twitter and/or Instagram account, and DOCUMENT yourself. Don’t come to people as a business, come to social media as a person who is about to embark on a business. When you interact with people on social media, answer their questions, and even direct them to your blog for more detailed content, they will come to know you first as a person. And if they like you, they’ll root for you and even support you by coming to your store.

Humanize Your Website

Don’t be as large, intimidating and impersonal as something like Amazon. You’re not Amazon, and you probably don’t want to be. Tell your story in the “About Us” section of your website and make it as approachable, uncorporate, personable, and human as possible. Everybody roots for the “little guy,” and if you are honest about being that, people will give you a chance.

Have A Good Return Policy

On the strictly business side of things, this can bring a lot of confidence. People are justifiably concerned about giving their money to someone and essentially being robbed online. Do your best to show that you have a solid exchange and/or refund policy, so that people know that if they have doubts, they won’t be abandoned.