Business Boundaries for Good Client Relationships

To have good relationships with clients, it is important to establish clear boundaries. This means communicating these clear expectations in contracts as well as verbally. Here is how to set business boundaries for good client relationships.

Put Clear Terms in Writing

To start, communicate clear terms and conditions and communicate them in writing. A client agreement should be in place that defines the parameters of the boundaries.

Set Clear Expectations

Along with communicating clear terms, you also need to set expectations. Once a mutual decision has been made between both parties, set and reiterate the expectations. They should include the same terms stated in writing.

Don’t Be Afraid to Say No

Like with any other relationship, it is important to be able to say no sometimes, even within a client relationship. Make sure any agreement is clear, set expectations from the beginning, establish strong communication, and show respect, trust, and credibility, even when saying no.

Establish Priorities

To set boundaries, you also have to set priorities. Be clear about what has to be done and what is most important and urgent. Having this timeline and setting priorities in this way helps solidify a good client relationship long term.

Avoid Working Outside of Office Hours

A big way to set business boundaries for good client relationships is to avoid working outside your business hours. For example, don’t answer emails at night or over the weekend when you should be taking personal time. If you do this, they might begin to expect that you will answer at any time, and this can demolish any boundaries you have already set in place.

Setting healthy business boundaries is one way to encourage good client relationships and helps you keep your daily routine on task.