Can I Keep My Day Job While Starting My Own Business?

You already work a full week, so how is it possible to keep a full-time day job while also pursing those long-held dreams of opening your own business? Rest assured, it has been done before and you likely have what it takes to start your own business without taking the risky step of quitting your day job. In fact, there are actually quite a few benefits to remaining gainfully employed while working to get your own start up off the ground.

In addition to having a steady source of income and health benefits from your day job, remaining with your present employer while starting your own business will also give you a great view of what to do – and what not to do – at own company. When you go to work tomorrow, take note of what works and what doesn’t work at your company.

Many entrepreneurs who have successfully started business have done so while working full-time for someone else. Some have learned lessons about what not to do. These lessons include things like procrastination and lack of preparation. More often than not, however, the lessons you take from your day job will be about what to do to ensure your own company’s success.

What does management at your company do to ensure that employees remain organized? Whether it’s calendaring or detailed checklists, chances are there’s something there that you can borrow to keep your own start-up organized. What sort of perks does your current employer provide to keep employees happy? Take note because there may be something there that you can use to keep your future employees loyal.

Likewise customer loyalty. If your current employer is a successful business, chances are they have a long list of happy customers to show for it. You may be able to pick up a handful of life-saving customer service tips from your current employer that you will be able to put to work in your start-up.