Commerce Marketing Emails Done Right

Commerce marketers understand the importance of effective email marketing. Of course, not all email marketing is created equal. Follow these tips to ensure that your marketing emails are a success.

Be Relevant. If your email message fails to resonate with your target audience then it’s just going to end up in the Spam folder. Segmentation is the key to making sure that your marketing message is meaningful to your target audience. Breaking your audience down into basic categories is one simple segmentation strategy that any company can use.

Attract New Subscribers. Try to draw in new subscribers from high-traffic areas of your site. Consider a simple opt-in form or a pop-up window to turn first-time site visitors into new subscribers.
Entice Them with a clever subject line. No matter how great your content is, if the subject line is so boring that nobody bothers to open it then you’ve wasted the effort. A juicy subject line entices subscribers to open your email.

Be Sociable. Take advantage of social media sites like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram to engage with your audience. Social and email marketing campaigns can go hand in hand to get your message out to the masses.
Be Mobile Friendly. Make sure your site and emails are user-friendly for customers accessing these through a mobile device. Make sure your content is amenable to mobile viewing.

Automate. An automated shipping confirmation message is a great way to reassure a customer that the order is on its way. And an automated basket abandonment email might be all that is needed to get an on-the-fence customer to finally make that purchase.

Connect with Your Brick and Mortar Customers Online. Offer to email a receipt for an in-store purchase is one way to do this. Or invite them to join your loyalty program for valuable discounts.