Content Marketing Can’t Be Ignored

content-marketingFor many companies, marketing is a mystery that they struggle to unlock. But in the marketing world, experts agree that content marketing is the one option that simply can’t be ignored. It’s the future of the marketing field, and companies that embrace it fully have much better success rates than those who stick with older types of advertising.

Content marketing has a lot of faces, but essentially it involves the creation of custom content that appeals to your client base. Instead of just paying to throw up a few banner ads across the Internet, starting up a blog is a better option, for instance. Other types of content marketing include things like white papers, eBooks, email newsletters, and social media.

Studies have already found that over half of people looking for a business or product use the Internet in their search efforts, and with content marketing you’ll not only find your business showing up in search rankings, but also be able to engage with customers in a huge way.

And it really is all about content. The old days of keyword stuffed articles that made as much sense to a reader as binary code are long gone. Today’s content marketing needs to deliver information and keep visitors engaged. Think about it – if you’re constantly giving your customer base fun information, useful ideas, and more, they’re a lot more likely to keep visiting your page regularly than they would be if you just drone on and on about your new product.

You may need to get help to start with, too. 65% of consumers have said that the social media actions of a company could make them stop using a brand. That means that mastering the art of using social media, blogs, and content marketing is something any business has to take seriously in order to get the desired results.