How To Convert Seasonal Customer Into Regular Customers

Every year, starting on Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend all the way through the holidays, business spikes. This is especially true for online businesses who can do most of their business for the year around the holidays. However, to really grow your business, you want to turn these seasonal shoppers into regular customers. Here are some tips on how to follow up to get them coming back after the holidays.

Take Advantage Of Email Marketing

After they’ve shopped, you now have their contact information so you can create a targeted marketing campaign to attract them back to your store. Here are some ways you can follow up with them through email:

● Send an introductory email that lists all of your products and services
● Send a thank you letter with an offer or promotional code
● Send a customer service inquiry to make sure they loved your product
● Send an announcement for a new product or service
● Send them a notice when you have a similar sale to Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Whatever route you decide to go, the most important thing is to follow-up with these customers right away.

Reach Out On Social Media

Another great idea is to find your new contacts on social media. Add them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and they’ll be likely to follow you back. You can offer them a discount if they use a specific hashtag for your products or services. Social media offers the opportunity to start a conversation with your new customers and will help keep your brand in their mind for future purchases.

No matter which strategy you feel is right for your business, following up with your seasonal customers can really help convert them into regular customers. So make a plan of action and reach out with a targeted campaign to keep them engaged.