Convincing Ecommerce Shoppers To Spend More

Plenty of things help a storefront earn money, but what it all comes down to is simple – the more customers buy, the more money a store earns. That applies to online shopping as well, and mastering a few persuasion techniques can be instrumental in enticing your ecommerce visitors to buy more from your business.

This can be difficult for some new business owners to master, but a few simple techniques can make it easier than ever to move ahead of your online competition. Here are some of those methods.

  • Consistency – People appreciate consistency. When you deliver what you say you will, you are building belief in your brand. From email list subscriptions to promises online, you’ll be building the belief that your company will provide exactly what it offers every time.
  • Likeness – Like it or not, the more attractive an ad is and the more similar it is to what people are familiar with, the more likely it is that it will get more attention. Focus on making everything clean, attractive, and familiar. It will net big returns.
  • Scarcity – Supply and demand is often at the heart of commerce, and when something is limited, it drives up its value. Beyond that, it can drive up the belief that it needs to be bought while it’s still available. Language like ‘limited time’ or ‘limited supplies’ can help to drive sales based on the feeling that missing a purchase could mean missing out for good.
  • Reciprocity – When you ask for something, you often feel obligated to return the favor. The key is realizing that the two favors or products don’t have to be equal in value. For example, you can give away an online gift with every purchase – provided the purchase is of a high enough value. You offset the cost of your gift with the proceeds from the sale.

If you’ll get creative and pay attention to what works and what doesn’t, you’ll be on your way to convincing your ecommerce shoppers that buying more from you is the right call to make.