Coping With Pressure In Order To Sustain Growth

Faster paces, more multi-tasking, and less downtime seem to be factors that are simply accepted in the way that modern society functions.  This can be even more noticeable when starting a business, or deciding to make a go of a solo career.  In these cases, the stress factors appear to multiply, and with one person to shoulder the entire burden, it can become overwhelming.

Many experts espouse the necessity of having a sound business plan before engaging in any start-up endeavour.  However, part of that plan should also include a strategy for managing stress, since single owners can be more prone to burnout.  From this perspective, knowing how to cope can be proactive not just for personal welfare, but also for business success.

Acceptance and flexibility can be two important traits to cultivate in order to manage the stress of running a business.  This helps to take the perspective of seeing downturn or uncertainty as a challenge rather than a pitfall.  Psychologically, the difference in point of view is quite powerful, since accepting a challenge leads to hope-building, and this offers further fortitude in weathering any potential storm.

This can also become important in terms of looking towards the future.  In all businesses, there are ups and downs, but they can even out, especially if entrepreneurs stay focused and rational in thinking.  Hope-building thoughts sustain themselves, by training the brain to react creatively, rather than triggering an immediate fight or flight response.  As a result, a valid and rational plan of moving forwards can be formed, and this is a positive coping strategy in itself.

Finally, letting go of the stress is also a necessary part of thriving.  While the many tasks of running a solo business can seem overwhelming, they can become manageable when they are approached from a place of empowerment.  This fortitude is often a result of stepping away and regaining one’s centre.  Rest, play, and socializing can all be used to help let go of the stress.  Making space for wellness does need to be a part of any new business plan.