Creating An Engaging Shipping Confirmation Email

When a customer makes an order online, they’re excited to get their package. When that shipping confirmation email comes through, it’s a pretty exciting time, making this an email they’re extremely likely to engage with. With this near guaranteed engagement, this is an undervalued opportunity to reach out to customers, and a space where your brand can get creative to increase this engagement even further. With the shipping confirmation email, you’re given the perfect opportunity for an outside of the box way to engage. For instance, rather than encouraging customers to make another purchase for themselves, they can be encouraged to share the love by shopping again for a gift. Or, they can be provided a referral code that gifts friends or family a discount on a future order, and they get a discount themselves when their referral order goes through. A few ways to improve your approach to shipping confirmation emails are:
  • Make tracking easy – Tracking is the important part of a shipping confirmation email, and easy tracking will have them coming back to the email time and again until their order ships. Inside of the email, include an estimated delivery date on top of a link that takes them directly to the tracking information.
  • Suggest friend referrals – Word of mouth marketing is extremely effective, and incentivized word of mouth marketing even more so. Referral programs with rewards encourage customers to share their experience with friends and family, and both parties are able to sweeten the deal with rewards in the process.
Include a suggested product list – Suggested product lists encourage customers to come back, and shows them a little bit of what you have to offer that you know they’ll just love.