Creative Promotion Ideas To Drum Up Excitement For A Sale

Planning store traffic, running profit margins, they’re both common practices before a big promotion, but it takes more than that to run a successful sale. Most of your success will actually reside in how creative your offers are, and how tempting they prove to be to prospective customers. 6 creative promotion ideas you can use to get customers excited for your next sale are:

1. Use mystery bundles – Bundling products is an extremely effective way to boost order values while providing more to customers, two points extremely important to your profit margins. Mystery bundles put together a secret bundle of great products at an impeccable price, but the catch is that customers must buy it all to take advantage of the promotion. To drum up excitement, release teasers or sneak peeks of what is inside the bundle.

2. Turn promos into a game – Spin to wins, scratch and reveals, or any little game that teases chance mixed with offers is a great way to get excitement up about your promotions. Apps can solicit email addresses in exchange for a promo scratch ticket or wheel spin, boosting your leads while offering up great promotions.

3. Do a deal a day – Want to keep customers coming back? Promotions can be made up of different deals each day rather than a flat promotion offered over a period of time.

4. Offering gifts with purchase – Getting a little something extra is a great effective incentive, and free gifts work to push customers over that edge from prospects to purchasers. With the purchase of a certain item, or a minimum spend amount, a small gift is included to sweeten the pot.

5. Partner with influencers – Influencers are called as such because they have the power of influence. Partnering with influencers for promotions gets the word out to wide and varied audiences.

6. Donate to a cause – Shopping feels better when there’s something to feel good about. Donations made with purchases of a certain amount, or the purchase of a particular product, are the perfect way to turn spending guilt into feeling good about a purchase.