Cross-Selling, Upselling and Reselling To Get Your Customers Coming Back

Cross-selling, upselling, and reselling may sound like a few simple words, but these simple words can translate into big profits when it comes to your company. In order to understand how these words can help you, you’ll first need to understand just how they relate to your business and the way you reach, or sell to, your consumers.


Cross-selling means getting a customer to buy a little something extra with their purchase, and making sure that they have a fun and natural experience doing so in an effort to allow the customer to have a more pleasant experience shopping with your  brand. Let’s say someone comes onto your E-commerce website looking for a pair of pants, cross-selling would be suggesting to the customer in a “You may also like” or “Other customers bought” section certain tops or accessories that go with the desired pants, allowing them to be lead to other products relevant to their purchase.


Reselling is essentially giving your customers a way to keep coming back, as you can resell them products from your inventory. This can be done in a multitude of ways, but you’ll want it to feel natural in order to give them a pleasant experience each time they come back to your brand for another purchase.

One easy way to get the resell aspect down would be to pay special attention to quality control and ensuring that your customers have the same comfortable and quality experience each time they decide to visit your online store.


Upselling is increasing the amount spent by customers with your brand, and this can be done with a combination of cross-selling and providing them with a quality experience. One way to master upselling would be to figure out just what the customer wants and needs from the brands they’re shopping with, and using this information to maximise their experience.