David and Goliath: How Small Businesses Keep Up with Large Competitors

Starting your own business takes determination, drive, and good timing. So many things need to go smoothly in order for a small business to truly get off the ground, especially when you’re facing large competitors who already have a head start. Don’t let them scare you off just because they’re bigger. Your small business can thrive if you learn to use marketing strategies designed to help small businesses like yours flourish.

Tell your story.

Every business has a story. You just need to find the best way to tell it. Whether you focus on how you got started, what keeps you going, or just how fantastic your staff is, learn how to tell the story of your business. Opening up to customers in this way ensures that they trust you and see you and your staff as people, rather than a faceless company.

Know your market.

Ask yourself, what are you trying to sell? Some small business owners want to please every customer as they try to do it all. But filling every need won’t help you succeed. You must focus your attention on one product or service you can offer exceptionally well. If you’re a small company selling a product that’s great for students, don’t start off by marketing to large stores. Know your product, embrace your niche, and don’t overstretch your marketing when you’re just starting out.

Give your customers the best.

Be the best at what you do! If you want to charge prices that will keep your business afloat, you need to provide quality products and service. If you want to see your business succeed, you need you provide quality products and service. Want your customers to spread positive comments about your company? You know what to do. Avoid cutting corners and treat your customers with respect, and you’ll be able to say you earned your pay packet.