The Delicate Art Of Doing It All

Working from home has its own special set of challenges that can make balancing life and career just as hectic as traditional employment.  However, the home environment does allow for flexibility and creative problem solving to be applied in a space of one’s own.  Often, this empowerment of familiar surroundings provides solutions that let working moms and dads navigate the pull of small business and family needs with grace.

Since this type of work allows people to be their own boss, priorities and accountability are self monitored.  This approach works in two ways, as it lets parents decide what tasks for both job and home go at the top of the list, and which ones can be delegated to another work day.  Picking and choosing how to go about getting things accomplished can also be highly productive in that it allows them to work according to their own energy peaks.  This may mean that career concerns which take more mental focus are done at times when there is less distraction, or that energetic tasks such as chores are done when a person is more invigorated.  The ability to develop this personalized schedule should work in one’s favor, and it may also change from day to day.

The second part of being one’s own boss is that a person must hold themselves accountable.  This includes setting out plans that facilitates accomplishment, and working at goals and not just on a schedule.  Many people find that creativity in the work process allows for greater efficiency, since it lets flexibility and responsibility be mutually supportive.  Accountability can also lead to better motivation, as the accomplishments can boost self esteem by contributing to greater goals.

Technology is a big part of the balancing act, and it is important to use it to reduce rather than create stress.  Time saving tactics can employ innovation for both household and business tasks, and learning how to use these to an advantage will not only keep a person on track, but also cut down on effort.