Do You Sometimes Feel Like a Fake?

Have you ever experienced the feeling of being out of place, or perhaps unsure of yourself when you encounter other experts in your field – even though you know that you’re just as good as they are? It’s okay to admit you have; you’re not alone. For many people (including myself) feeling like an imposter at work happens even when other colleagues acknowledge that they’re excellent at what they do, whether it’s a sales based position, phone job or a something more people oriented. So, what do they all have in common? To put it simply: a lack of interest in their chosen career.

While that sounds like a bad thing, and it can be when it comes to your overall success, a lack of interest doesn’t mean that you aren’t a good employee. It just means that you could be doing so much better for yourself, and you’ll never know your true potential for happiness until you remove that pesky roadblock called disinterest.

There comes a time when we all have to sit down and seriously evaluate where we are in life, our career, and the enjoyment that we’re getting out of both. Through numerous consultations with other business professionals, it’s been proven that as a whole, we do better when we have a passion for what we do for a living. Not a mild interest, but something that we believe wholeheartedly in, and that we feel so much excitement about that we wish to express our passion to others – even when we’re faced with adversity. That, in its simplest form, is what makes a successful entrepreneur.

It’s important to keep in mind that finding the right career or business doesn’t mean that you won’t have days where you feel grumpy or off. That’s just part of life – we all feel like that sometimes. But, enjoying your career choice does mean that you feel eager to see where your path takes you in the future.

If you aren’t in a position that you can quit to pursue your passions full time, then start with the little things. Is there are particular hobby that you wish you could spend more time doing? Then make time to incorporate it into your day! You’ll never have the opportunity to enjoy your life if you don’t actively try to align yourself with your own passions. Eventually, you’ll soon realize that your days are filled with the activities that you love, and maybe, you might even end up with your dream job staring you in the face. After all, pursuing a simple hobby is what places many entrepreneurs in the right frame of mind to turn their passion into a thriving business model.

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