Don’t Neglect Your Contact Page

When you’ve got your website up and running, you’ve got your online transaction mechanisms all worked out, your cybersecurity is in place, and your social media campaign is just about to start, you’re all good to go, right? Or did you forget about your contact page?

The contact page on a website is a bit like worrying about whether or not your basement is waterproofed, or there’s enough insulation in your attic. You know you need it, but you don’t give it much thought. However, this is the cornerstone of any good business website, and if you neglect it, you neglect an important aspect of your business; customer service.

Do It Right

The ability for people to reach your contact page on your website is something that should be as easy as possible. Never it make it difficult for people to reach out to you because this can affect your business and your sales. An inability to reach out to a business when there’s a problem, question, or concern is a big warning sign to customers. Don’t give them that reason to be skeptical of you!

Make It Friendly

Your contact page should be open, friendly and supportive, especially if you’re running a retail business. This isn’t the place to be cold, impersonal or intimidating.

Give All The Details

If you have more than one way to be reached, make sure that appears in the contact page! Inquiries for products you offer might go to one e-mail address, while business inquiries might go to another. Make sure to include other details here, such as the physical location of the business, social media, or your business hours!

Be Yourself

Make sure that your brand is consistent even here! If you’re a relaxed, casual, fun business, reflect that here! If you’re more welcoming and supportive, make sure it shows. All of this is branding!