Say goodbye to the 9-5 routine and welcome the freedom of running your own business.

Sam brings 20 years of know-how in launching and managing thriving businesses. She’s made her mark in the business world and is recognised among the global community of Millionaire Founders & Entrepreneurs in EO.

The Speedy Start Up On Sale


The Speedy Start-Up is the super-fast guide to setting up a business in record time. No more pondering and procrastinating, it’s time to put a few hours aside to launch a business. Stuck for ideas? No problem. Lacking know-how? Don’t let that put you off.


In less than three hours of your precious time, you can say goodbye to 5-days a week of the daily grind and become the boss. In less time than it takes to fly interstate, you can put the drudgery of working life behind you and inject fun into your day-to-day existence.

Say ‘so long’ to hours chained to your desk and ‘hello’ to newly-discovered freedom and motivation…

Inside ‘Speedy Start-Up’…

Need guidance to help you set up your site? Seeking advice for marketing and advertising your business? Sam shares her knowledge and experience, the same know-how that has launched over 1200 businesses and helped her to become a self-made millionaire.

Inside ‘Speedy Start-Up’, you’ll learn how to:

⭐️ Create a new business

⭐️ Sam’s 50 ideas for new businesses

⭐️Open an online shop and site

⭐️Tackle SEO to get you to the top of search results

⭐️Answer your customers’ pain points to generate more revenue

⭐️ Stand out from your competitors with your marketing skills

⭐️ Advertise in the best places for your offering

⭐️ Grow with your business

⭐️Perform and engage on the right Social Media platforms

⭐️Become the next Speedy entrepreneur



About The Author

For Samantha Hurst, losing her job meant a new beginning. Deciding to focus on her side-hustle selling lingerie, she soon realised that creating and selling businesses felt unlike anything she had ever done before – and certainly not like work.

Since then, Sam has helped to create over 1200 businesses and in doing so, is a self-made millionaire. Now she wants to help you to enjoy your own business. In ‘Speedy Start-Up’, Sam’s condensed her years of experience and expertise into a book that will take you less time to read than flying interstate.

There’s no time like now to launch your business. Let Sam show you how.

‘Speedy Start-Up’ is the perfect read IF …

⭐️You have a business idea but don’t know how to get it off the ground

⭐️You want to start a new business but don’t have a business idea

⭐️You need help understanding social media and which platform is right for you

⭐️You want to get your head around advertising online

⭐️You want to create a website

⭐️You need help understanding SEO and best practice

⭐️You are searching for freelance workers

⭐️You want insider tips and advice from an experienced business guru

⭐️You are short on time so need a quick read filled with up-to-date information

⭐️You are seeking motivation, inspiring ideas and a fresh look at business start-ups

⭐️You’re all about speed and can’t afford to waste time

⭐️You want to open an exciting, profit-making business right now!


There’s no time like now to start a new business.

Get your copy today for the cost of a latte and read it in the time it takes to fly interstate…