eCommerce Trends 2023

eCommerce is on the rise as video shopping, new payment forms, and more are entering the market. Here are a few eCommerce trends you want to watch for in 2023.

Online and Mobile Device Reliance

Since the pandemic, more consumers have been looking for convenient, comfortable, and contactless ways to do business, making eCommerce grow exponentially. Online shopping is now more accessible than ever as algorithms evolve. This trend will continue into 2023, so it is in the best interest of your business to optimize your site and brand for mobile and online visibility.

The Convenience of Voice Search

Another emerging trend is the rise in voice searches. Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and other services are used more frequently for regular tasks. More than 72% of smart speaker owners reported that they use their speakers every day, according to data collected by Google. For this reason, businesses should optimize for voice searches, so the consumer can find immediate help when needed.

More Ways to Pay

Secure digital payment options are becoming more popular, and consumers trust platforms like PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay for convenient and quick online checkouts. This flexibility with eCommerce payments helps a business improve its conversion rates.

More Sales on Social Media

When it comes to eCommerce, shoppable ads and marketing are important. More than 68% of users now make eCommerce sales through the social media platforms they frequent. This allows businesses to build a social media presence online, market their products, and increase potential sales.

More Personalization

Another trend to watch for is personalization. Rather than being another statistic online, consumers are given more individualized service, making for a more memorable experience for consumers who shop online.

The data collected online for eCommerce can be used to tailor a business’s eCommerce experience to appeal to its target audience for a better and much more streamlined shopping experience. This will ultimately create a better browsing experience and increase profits.