Five Ways To Market To Online Shoppers

In recent years online shopping has become the preferred method for a growing number of consumers. This trend is changing the way companies need to shape their marketing strategies. While no two shoppers are alike there are some trends that are helpful to consider.

1. Research: In the information age consumers are doing their part to be educated about the items they intend to buy. Approximately 81% of eCommerce shoppers will research a product to find the best deal and what will fit their needs. You’ll want to make sure information about your product is readily available and easy to access.

2. Determine Preferences: Make sure you know who your target consumer is. For instance, men and women have different shopping habits and different marketing strategies will need to be utilized to catch their attention. Consumer age can also be a factor in how marketing strategies are applied.

3. Cater To All Devices: These days there are several devices available for consumers to do their online shopping. While most transactions occur on a desk top, 65% of online purchases start on a smartphone. Make sure you are patterning your websites to accommodate multiple screens.

4. Consider Brick And Mortar Competition: Sometimes there can be tension between web sales and the sales done at a physical store. Companies are concerned that consumers are going to the physical locations to touch and feel the items but making their purchases online with a competitor. This supports the idea that consumers are doing their research and looking for the best deals. However, research shows that in reality 78% of online shoppers never go to the physical store.

5. Upgrade Your Check Out: The checkout process is where most shopping cart abandonment can happen. Make sure the process of checking out is as quick and as smooth as possible. You’ll also want to make sure you don’t surprise the consumer with any additional costs. List any predicted shipping charges and return policies before the checkout process begins.

Today’s market is turning more increasingly digital. Marketing strategies have got to keep this in mind to stay competitive. If you haven’t yet, start implementing the advice listed above and keep track of your analytics.