Free and Simple SEO Tools for Business Owners

SEO, or search engine optimisation, can do a lot to help an online business and knowing even just the basics can put you in a better position to improve search volume and help to evaluate the demand for certain content. However, some of the SEO tools may cost a bit more than the business is willing to shell out at first, which may make it more difficult for them while they are still trying to learn what they can about SEO.

The following are just a few SEO tools that are free and simple to use for business owners who may not be in the position to pay hundreds of dollars for these services elsewhere:


Ubersuggest can help generate long tail keyword ideas. Instead of supplying a brief list of keyword ideas as you would expect from Google, this tool will give you an extensive list of keywords purely based on the main keyword you entered. You can then use this information to begin to generate new product ideas, find better marketing angles, and create more relevant and valuable content.


MozBar is a useful tool for SEO and can be used as a Chrome extension once you create your free account. This tool will provide much-needed insight into competitive search engine results for keywords that are based on page and domain authority, as well as backlinks.

It will give you an idea of how many backlinks you should be using in order to achieve a better ranking on search engines.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a tool that can crawl your site for errors. Running a website can be very involved so having a tool like this is definitely an advantage. The tool will be able to crawl your website and let you know if anything needs to be updated or optimised and will give you insight on any other issues there may be.

Before you lose hope and money by investing in expensive SEO tools while you are still new and learning, check out these simple to use and free options to discover how much SEO tools can help your website.