Get to the Point and Get Rid of Marketing Babble to Clarify Messages

There is a time and a place for making things sound fancy and using enhancers to make a nice, pretty sentence. Marketing is not that place. People don’t have a lot of time or energy to invest in your marketing messages. They don’t want to have to sift through 350 words of fluffy content to get the only 50 words that are actually meaningful in the entire email. If you get to the point, you’ll get a much more attentive audience for your marketing messages.

There are certain words and phrases that add absolutely nothing to a sentence. In the world of marketing, those are the things you need to look for and avoid. It’s tempting to throw in as many adjectives and witty statements as possible to build the marketing hype, but all you’re really going to do is turn people off and turn them away. Stop slowing your readers down. They just want to get to the point and get on with their lives. Make your content more readable and give people a reason to come back by getting rid of the wordy messages and replacing them with concise, succinct copy.

Qualifiers, as they are known in the English world, are a waste of your time. These are phrases and words like “therefore”, “due to”, “in other words”, and so on. Cut these out of your marketing copy. People don’t care how pretty it sounds or how good your English usage is. They just want to know what you’re offering and how it benefits them. Here are a couple of examples to help you see the benefit of keeping things short and sweet:

Our product has a faster response time than the competition and gives users a powerful presence in their industry. Needless to say, you will get your money’s worth when you choose our product for your needs.

Our product offers faster response times, powerful presence for users, and more value for the money. If you want the best, our product is it.

As you can see, both examples say about the same thing. The second is just more direct. People can scan it quickly, see what they get, and make a decision. They won’t have to sort through tons of material to find the value. If you want people to get your marketing message, decode it for them by keeping it simple.

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