Going it Alone

Entrepreneurship often sounds like a wonderful way to make a living, since the only real limits that are set are one’s own abilities and drive.  This can be a liberating path that leads to great success, but there are important traits that allow these single business owners to thrive.  In embarking on such a solo career, it can be important to examine the factors that inherently lead to success, and to cultivate them in order to see the enterprise grow.

Passion and motivation are essential, since you are really your own support group.  When working alone, there is no one else who will take on the tasks or offer the pep talk to keep the business moving, so it is highly important that you believe in what you are doing.  It is also necessary to make the commitment to your work, and to keep that commitment fresh, since this is all a part of growth.

In keeping motivation fresh, it can also be good to understand that the path that gets you to your goal may not be the exact path you had planned.  Staying flexible in thinking, and allowing for versatility will not only re-engage you in your commitment, but can also help to build your enterprise in new ways that are highly beneficial.  In some ways, you are balancing the focus of your goals with the potential of the unknown, and having this ability can let your one person business thrive.

As a one person enterprise, you are also in the position of needing to fill a variety of roles.  Learning the skills and gaining the experience to accomplish many tasks will be a part of the journey, and also ties into flexibility of action and thinking.  This is also a balance of traits, and knowing when to draw upon them can make progress easier.