Google Adwords: What Is A Good Conversion Rate?

Ok this is variable, as it will depend on what you’re selling and how many products you have etc etc, but since I get asked this question all of the time I thought I would do some research and feed this back to you!

So, what is a good conversion from your Google campaign into a real sale?  And how much should you be spending each month on a Google ad?  It seems anywhere from 5% to 15%  is the average conversion.

If you spend $1000 per month on a Google ad and you pay $1 per click through, you would receive 1000 people visiting your website (traffic) each month.

If we base this on a 5% conversion, 1000 people will buy a product (50 sales) and if your average profit on 1 sale was $40, you would make around $2000 per month.  Minus your Google ad spend and you would be left with $1000 per month in profit. ROI would be 50%.  To double this, budget spending $2000 per month.

If you are going to set up a Google ad I would HIGHLY recommend getting some professional advice first.  Otherwise you could be spending thousands on advertising with little or no conversions if you choose the wrong keywords to focus on or you don’t set up your account correctly.  We can help set up your campaign for you for only $490.  Feel free to get in touch for more info.



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