How I’m Going To Make The Most of Being Stuck In 14 Days Of Isolation

Ahh….sunshine, drinking coconuts and cocktails by the pool, jet skiing, massages, snorkelling; yep I’m making the most of my holiday & more importantly my freedom in Fiji before it’s taken away from me upon my return to Australia tomorrow.

I have mixed feelings about being stuck in self isolation for the next 14 days.

As an Australian, I believe it is my duty to do what I can for my community, so as much as I would prefer to slam my arm in a car door versus being stuck inside for 2 weeks, I will do it as it’s the right thing to do… and I don’t want a hefty $ fine.

So, I’m going to try and see the positive in all this and take time out for self-care and getting things done that I have been putting off or simply haven’t prioritised.

Here are 4 things I’m going to do over the next 2 weeks:

  1. Change my diet & no alcohol. I’m going to do a 14-day Isagenix detox to give my body a good reset after my holiday.
  2. Read the Surrender Experiment. This inspirational book is written by Michael Singer (his current net worth is $55million) sharing his journey on how he started & grew his business.
  3. Meditate for 1 hour each morning. I usually waste 1 to 2 hours most mornings getting ready and going into my CBD office.  So, I’m going to redivert this time and meditate more as I feel more focused in my business and positive when I meditate.
  4. Implement 3 things each day that I need to achieve that will improve my business.

14-day isolation come at me! ??I’m ready for you.

With all of the money I will save from not going out for dinners, lunches and brunches, I’m still going to reinvest this in the economy and dabble in some online shopping.

It is really important that as Australians we don’t panic during this crisis and stop spending, when we do this it impacts our economy and this is when we see a lot of big and small businesses go under.  The Government will be giving out grants to help stimulate the economy to keep Australia out of a recession so I hope people do the right thing and spend this money within small businesses locally to keep us all afloat during these difficult times.

Hopefully my cabin fever won’t kick in too much and I can handle the lack of socialisation over the coming weeks.

If you are stuck in self isolation too, yes it sucks but I think if we all try and see the positive in it and use the time to do something productive.

Write that book you’ve always wanted to, do that online course, start that business; this can be a great opportunity to use the time and money you will save to do something you have been putting off.