How to Build a Successful Google Campaign from Scratch

Authors Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd give details about the fundamentals of Google’s pay per click advertising in their book The Ultimate Guide to Google’s AdWords, third edition. They talk about how business and website owners can build a campaign that increases the visibility in the search engines. They talk about how to select the key words that are used. Determining what key words will draw more customers is the difference between a campaign that is a success or a failure. AdWords are advertisements that are paired up with key words that people are searching for, so the ads are in line with what people are looking for. Here are four tips to help you on your Google AdWords campaign.

  1. Outline your perfect customer. This means to describe the customer that you will want to attract. These are people that know about your type of product or service, but may not know about your company. They have a problem that needs to be solved, so they go online to search for an answer. Make sure your description stays visible throughout this process.
  2. Choose the right key words to use in your campaign. You can visit Google’s keyword tool to enter what types of key words you would choose. For each set of phrases that you type in, Google will give you several others that are commonly used to help you choose the best phrases to use in your campaign.
  3. Determine the amount of people who are searching for these terms. Google will give you a list of similar key words and the statistics for how many people are searching for them. You will also see how many of your competitors are using these as their keywords, which can have an effect on your search ranking.
  4. Define how much money advertisers are making off a key word. This can be done by checking the key word costs. You can find this information at Google’s traffic estimator. You can enter in as many key words as you would like, and use this tool to compare the key words costs to each other. You can log on to your Google AdWords to see your traffic grow over time.

Google AdWords campaigns are not something that you can just try once and see a great response. You have to continually monitor the progress and change based on key word popularity and cost. For assistance with setting up a Google AdWords campaign feel free to get in touch.

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