How To Choose The Right Company To Help You Start An Online Business

If you want to start an online business, then you have probably already begun researching options for companies and people that can help you do just that.

We have given you just a few of the options available below, and some feedback on how to choose the right one to help you start an online business.

Amazon offers newbie entrepreneurs the opportunity to start selling products on their platform through their FBA program.

While this may be a great opportunity, you will also find that there is high competition, a lack of control, no customer data, and high fees. There are many other people on this platform looking to sell the same products as you, so the pricing becomes more competitive.

There are a few Amazon experts out there who offer Amazon courses online for a pretty penny, but you will still have to choose the right products.  To help you source the best products to sell on Amazon you can check out the Amazon best sellers on their website, or use paid software such as Jungle Scout.  Jungle Scout allows you to view product data to help you define the best selling and profitable products on the Amazon platform.

Online Business Courses
There are also many online business courses you can take to learn the ins and outs of starting an online business.

There are different courses that offer various kinds of business training online; however, you still need to have a viable business idea and do all the work yourself (with no help).

So whilst this seems to be the most appealing option in some cases due to the low cost (most online courses cost around $1000 – $3000) you will still need to do all the leg work yourself, and ensure you have a researched business idea and some understanding of marketing and advertising.

Setting Up Shopify
Shopify offers an online platform so you can sell products online.

There initial start up fees are low but keep in mind that you will pay ongoing fees (forever!) which can impact a new businesses bottom line.

To set up a Shopify store is relatively simple if you have some design skills (or you know of someone!) so you will just need a logo and products to sell and you can get started reasonably quickly.  They offer some free advice on their blog to help you market the site as well.

Shopify are partnered with Oberlo, Oberlo is software that syncs with Shopify sites and gives you access to millions of products off if you need help with sourcing products to sell.

Click Start Digital
Finally, there is us!  We offer a one stop shop for anyone (with little to no experience) to get started selling products online, successfully.

We provide you with a ready to go website so you don’t have to wait months and pay expensive web designers. We also offer online sellers lots of researched business concepts. We have basically done the hard work for you.

Need more training? We also offer training from our Founder, who has already made millions of dollars online. If you don’t have any business ideas yet, that’s not a problem either. We will provide you with a list of products you can sell and also help you find suitable suppliers.

As you can see, there are many options available when starting an online business, but you want to make sure you find a company that is willing to go that extra mile and help you in almost every aspect when it comes to learning about and starting your own online business.

Join our community of over 550 happy Click Start Digital clients with one of our easy to run businesses-in-a-box.