How to Get More Business Using Facebook

Facebook is overwhelmingly popular as a social media site for connecting with friends, family, and even businesses. You can cash in on some of Facebook’s success yourself by using this site to drive traffic to your business. To do this, it’s important that you understand the best ways to use Facebook to your advantage. Facebook’s own format and tools are somewhat limited, but you can get around that. Build an app that highlights your business well and customize it to show off your blog, pictures, and more. With an app, you can even include an e-mail sign up at the bottom of your post.

Embedding an app in your Facebook feed allows you to take advantage of the trustworthiness of Facebook without having to limit your formatting options. Facebook’s wall isn’t always optimized to show off your content in its best light, but you app can be. Once you’ve built a sleek app for your posts, you’ll need to target the best audience for your advertising. Casting a wide net may seem like the best choice at first, but you will actually improve your results by choosing the best individuals for each campaign. You have the option of selecting only followers, only non-followers, or a customized audience.

Offer a tangible reward for users who proceed to your site. Give them a very valid reason to follow through on your advertising. There are lots of ways you can do this and the best one will depend on your business. If your main product is knowledge, offer a free webinar or e-book. When you’re launching a new product line, offer free samples through your advertising. Give customers who enjoy your blog post the option to sign up by email to receive more. Customers who “like” your Facebook page can earn an instant entry into a contest. You can promise special discount codes through your updates.

Treat the process of advertising on Facebook like an ongoing project that is never fully complete. One of the greatest benefits of online advertising is that it’s easy to track how each campaign is working. You can gather concrete numbers that indicate your conversion rate from each campaign and even see how those web page visitors translate into real paying customers. If a campaign isn’t working, no matter how well-designed, it’s time to drop it. The best tactic to use is running several campaigns at once. This way you can swap out those that aren’t working without dropping all of your advertising tactics at once.

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