How To Get Your First Sale Within Your First Month

When you’ve just gone into business for yourself, as an entrepreneur, you’ve got a lot to prove. You’ve got a new business, with no reputation, good or bad, and you’ve got to start making that name for yourself. However, once you’re open for business, there’s also another thing you don’t have; sales. So how do you get them? What can you do to start getting those customers in and making purchases? We’ve got some tips for you to help ensure that you get your first sale within your first month and that this is just the start of even more!

Use Your Existing Connections

If you’re active on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or other social media, you have to start putting in the legwork now for your business. Your existing range of contacts might be “easy,” but it’s also your best shot at building momentum, these people are already familiar with you, so you enjoy a certain trust factor. Live up to that trust by providing them with a good business experience.

Make New Connections

If your product or service has enough customers to justify you going into business, that means that there are online communities that are probably related to it. If you’re selling athletic wear, join online communities that are concerned about fitness and start participating. If you sell pet food, hit up the pet lovers websites, forums and other communities on social media and start to engage. By becoming a part of a community, you become a natural destination for shopping related to that community.


This, of course, will require some expenditure from you, but it’s likely to get you some results. Depending on which social media platform or search engine, whether it’s Facebook or Google, paid advertising is targeted and can work very well. But of course, you have to plan and set aside the budget for this.

Keep at it, though, and you’ll be looking at your first sale in no time!