How to Reduce Bounce Rates

If customers are visiting your eCommerce site but are leaving before they make a purchase, then you are probably going to end up seeing higher bounce rates. The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that leave your site after only visiting one page. The current average bounce rate for most eCommerce sites I around 45%.

What Is the Reason for the Bounce Rate?

Bounce rates are higher when you can’t convince your visitors to make a purchase, and they leave. Google also sees this and puts your site further down on search results while demoting the authority of your site.

Reducing Your Bounce Rate

The following are a few ways you can reduce your bounce rate and improve your sales and traffic:

Optimize Product Pages. The product pages are often the most visited, and this is where people go to find reviews and product specs. Adding valuable content here can make a big difference in whether or not they decide to buy. Reviews play a huge role when it comes to purchasing.

Create Your Email List. Personalize the buying experience through your email marketing efforts. List segmentation is a way to send more personalized emails to visitors that fall in line with their interests. You can also personalize live chat and messaging services on your site as well.

A Better Purchasing Experience. If your checkout process is too complicated or it is hard to navigate the pages of your website, then visitors are more likely to leave and look elsewhere for what they need. Make sure that any product ads you include will take the visitor directly the corresponding product page, rather than back to the homepage.

Following this simple advice can make a significant difference in your bounce rates and can help improve your conversion rates and sales.