How to Use Instagram and Facebook Reels for Your Business

Social media platforms effectively promote your brand, reach a new audience, and engage that audience. And one way to do this is through Instagram and Facebook reels.

What Is an Instagram Reel?

An Instagram reel is a full-screen, vertical video that can run for up to 90 seconds time. You can create a reel using editing tools while taking advantage of the extensive library of audio tracks the social media platforms have to offer.

Reels differ from Instagram Stories because they don’t disappear after 24 hours like Stories do. Once you post your Instagram reel, it will be available for viewing on the social media platform until you delete it.

Know the Algorithm

You need to understand the algorithm to make Instagram, and Facebook reels work for your business. Once you know this, you will get more views from the Explore page and widen your audience.

Use the Right Hashtags

Another way to ensure your reels are effective for business is to use the right hashtags when you post each reel. Hashtags make reels more visually appealing to users and are a great way to gain more visibility and attention.

Use Trending Audio

Reels use song snippets or audio clips from videos of other content creators. Once the sounds gain popularity, you can get even more views when you use the same sounds on your own reel. This again takes you back to the algorithm and can help you gain more visibility for your business.

Avoid Being Overly Salesy

Yes, you are a business trying to gain an audience and get sales, but you don’t want your reels to sound overly salesy. Instead, create content for your business that your target audience will find entertaining and valuable.

Post Consistently

Finally, make sure you are posting reels consistently, so you can boost your site. Posting regularly also leads to more insight into what works best for your content strategy and what may need some work.