Incorporating Behaviour-Based Marketing Into Your E-mail Campaigns

It goes without saying that e-mail marketing is oftentimes a gamble based on how this type of campaign is conducted.  For example, you send out massive e-mails in the hopes that a very small percentage of recipients will read them, click on your link, and purchase one of the products or services that you are offering.  However, what if you turned the tables and those e-mails were based on consumer behaviour?

Instead of begging your readers to react to your e-mail and moving them through the sales process, this new marketing mentality is more personalised and is based on consumer data.  Here are 4 behavioural e-mail marketing tips that could put you ahead of the competition:

Always ask “why” before they leave empty-handed – a lot of people are tyre kickers.  Just remember, a good salesperson will never let a customer leave without asking them why they didn’t purchase something.

Create and deliver the perfect “Welcome” e-mail – welcome e-mails are essential to the success of any business.  It will have a positive impact on your activation rate by turning your readers into subscribers and your subscribers into new customers.  By immediately showing them the value of your products or services, you’ll get them to respond sooner.

Generate repeat business with follow-up e-mails – for instance, when a customer purchases a 3-month renewable widget, you need to send them reminders when it is time to purchase the next one from you.

Strengthen relationships with receipts – if you’re sending a customer a receipt you’ve already overcome a number of obstacles in the sales conversion process.  Make your receipts more valuable by:

  • Asking the customer to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, and/or your business blog
  • Including referral codes to add more value to the receipt
  • Offering them discounts on their future purchases

Remember, don’t gamble on your results.  Start sending out effective e-mails that are driven by consumer behavioural data.