Is Fear Stopping You From Starting a Business?

Nearly every successful person is fearless. I am sure you have looked at people who are fearless and wonder how they became this way. Maybe they were born with it, or maybe they do not have any fears. Are they just great at everything they do, so they do not fear failure? No, this is not usually the case. Fear is an emotion and people just learn to live with it. All people experience fear at some point in their lives. There is no one person who is good at everything they ever do.

Everyone has struggles that they deal with. Someone can normally do something better than us. Some things may make you quiver in fear that you can feel up and down your spine. There is good news. No matter what fears you have, there is always a way to deal with that fear. Fear is only something in your mind. Fears do not normally come true, and sometimes they can be quite illogical.

Are you aware that every time you experience the fear of something happening, your body reacts as if that something actually occurred? The human brain does not know the difference between an imagined trauma and an actual trauma. This can trigger your adrenaline response to kick in, and after time you can become burnt out and left very fatigued. If we let fear overcome our lives we can stop working towards our dream jobs, our dream houses, our creative ventures and even our soul mates. You can stop fear from overcoming your life by using these tools to help you become fearless.

1. Become aware of your fears when they occur. It can be surprising to see how many times your worry or build up anxiety.
2. Whenever you feel fear, remind yourself that 80% of the time fears never happen.
3. Question your fear and ask, what is the worst that can happen?
4. Journal about ways that you could deal with the worst case scenario. This can help release the fear.
5. Recognize how much the fear is taking away from your life. Fear can be paralysing and affect many areas of your life.
6. Breathe deep and tackle your fear.
7. Give yourself much deserved accolades for conquering your fear.

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