Is It Time To Change Your Logo?

businesslogosThink about major brands – perhaps Google or Coca-Cola. Chances are good that as soon as you read those two names, an image popped into your head of their logo. That’s the secret of a good one – it becomes a business’s public face and stands out as the main thing people associate with a company.

If your logo isn’t working, your business will struggle. It sounds hard to believe, but it’s true. Here are some signs that you may need to change your logo.

• Your Logo is Pure DIY – Professional graphic designers are experts in this field. You may like the cute logo your sister designed for your business, but the chances are good that a pro could do better.

• Your Logo Doesn’t Represent You – If your business started out in one area and gradually moved into another, there’s a chance your logo doesn’t match you anymore. Whether you’ve gone modern or taken other steps, rebranding may be needed to stand out properly.

• Too Complex – Simply put, if your logo is a cluttered, multi-coloured mess, you’re doing it wrong. Today’s logos are simple, rely on around three colours at most, and still convey your business brand. If your logo is too complicated, you may need to retool it.

• Doesn’t Mesh With Modern Media – Today, things like a blog, website, and social media presence are a must for business success. Your logo needs to work well on all of them. If it was designed before the advent of these technological advances, you may need to redesign it. It should be able to function as a mobile app button or as an icon, for example.

• Just Isn’t As Appealing – Look at your competition and their logos to get a good idea of whether or not your logo needs some help. Be honest with yourself – are their logos more attractive or just better in general? If so, it may be time for a change.