Make Sure Hash Tags Are Working For You

Just a few years ago, most people didn’t even know what a hash tag was! Today, however, every Internet savvy “Netizen” knows that the hash tag, or #, is the way to make sure that you and your brand, product or idea are easily found on social media. But do you know how to properly exploit what hash tags can do for you? Here are some basic tips!

Hash Tag Yourself

If you have a hash tag that you regularly use to identify yourself, your business, your product or your service on social media, remember to include this hash tag in your own profiles. This is very, very important. Once people see that hash tag in your profile, it’s very easy for them to take the next step of typing out that hash tag to see what comes up. Make it as easy as possible for people to do so!

Use More Than One

Remember that you’re not confined to just one hash tag. However, don’t go overboard with hash tag use! The effectiveness of multiple hash tags has been pegged at between 8-11 different hash tags. Anything more than this, and the search engines may start looking you over. Remember that fewer is better, but don’t confine yourself to just one.

Put The Popular Tag First

If there’s a meme or some current event that is currently going viral on social media, always use that relevant hash tag first, in order to increase your chances of being seen. Always include your own brand hash tag somewhere in there, but when the search engines have decided a particular hash tag is “hot right now,” make sure you respect that to increase your own chances of being discovered in a hash tag search. Beyond that, just make sure to have fun and engage with others on social media!