Market Your Product, Not It’s Price

standoutThe go-to marketing plans for small businesses, tends to be low prices and great service. Those plans may work to bring in customers initially, but they won’t help companies build a long-term customer base. The best marketing strategies actually ignore price and great service because most customers already expect those things. Marketing plans should instead focus on a unique selling point, and how the product solves a problem.

A unique selling point can be anything from a free gift that complements a product to an interesting feature of the product itself. The point is to differentiate the product from everything else on the market, and make it stand out from the competition. That will help people remember your product, and want to buy it just for that unique feature, free gift, or other selling point.

That unique selling point is enough to draw people in, and may even be enough to get some people to actually purchase the product, but for a truly effective marketing strategy it needs to be coupled with problem solving. Problem solving should be integrated into the product itself. What the product does for people is the problem solving aspect, and that, along with the unique selling point, is what should be focused on during marketing. Focus on what the product does for people, and how it makes their lives easier or better.

The unique selling point and problem solving ability of the product should be the two main points around which a marketing strategy revolves. Don’t spend time telling people how the product works or what the price is. They’ll look into that when they buy the product, the point of marketing is to get them to that point. So choose a marketing plan focuses on a unique selling point and the problem solving ability of the product—that plan has a greater chance at success.