Mastering Your Instagram Feed

For today’s small businesses, you can’t afford to ignore Instagram. However, once you have your account started up, you have to figure out what’s going on that page. It’s recommended to post between 1 and 2 times per day to make the most of your Instagram activity, and this means coming up with new and original relevant content at least once, but preferably twice, per day.

  • Ideally, when working with Instagram, you want to create yourself a nice content mix. All product posts, all inspirational posts, or all personal-type posts will make for a pretty boring feed. By mixing up your content, you’ll keep your followers always coming back to see what you have to show them next. A few ideas for posting to your Instagram feed include:
  • Product posts – If your small business offers products, you’re going to want to give those products their time in the spotlight. After all, these are the products your customers are going to be coming back for and buying from you, so they should have an opportunity to see them first. There’s lots of ways to get creative with your product posts, and while one day you may have a lay flat product photo, the next you can switch it up by incorporating them into a lifestyle photo. You still drive your sales, but you keep interest going.
  • Use product tags for better conversion – Whether you’re using a product post to showcase a product alone, or to showcase the lifestyle you provide, product tags are great for converting followers to customers. These tags can be placed on all of your products in your Instagram posts, and they serve as links so followers can click the tag and be brought right to where they can make the product theirs.
  • Show your personality behind the scenes – Showing behind the scenes photos of your business gives your followers an insight into your personality. This makes them feel closer to you, and therefore more likely to buy with a more personalized relationship.