In this module we will help you work out what the right business idea is for you. Please watch the intro video first from our Founder for a quick introduction to the Niche Navigator.

Then get started following the steps below.

Step 1: Finding Something Your Passionate About

We recommend choosing a niche for your ecommerce business that you are either interested in or passionate about.

This approach is crucial because having a deep interest or passion for what you are selling can significantly impact both personal satisfaction and business success.

On a personal level, being passionate about your products makes it easier to persevere when you encounter inevitable roadblocks.

You’re more likely to stay committed and find creative solutions because you care deeply about the niche.

On a business level, understanding your niche well enables you to identify and capitalise on trends quickly, select products that truly meet customer needs, and communicate more effectively with your audience.

Overall, aligning your business with your passions not only enhances your motivation but also equips you with the insight to cater to your market more adeptly, ultimately leading to sustained success.

Please complete the short survey below so we can get some insight into what you are interested in. Once you have completed the survey continue onto step 2.


Step 2: Research & Demand

Once you have pinpointed your two sectors you are interested in, its time to drill in further to work out your niche.

Before watching the below video, please keep in mind we recommend you avoid the following niches.

Niches/sectors to avoid: clothing, alcohol, adult toys, general health and supplements.  See reasons below. 

Clothing faces challenges with high return rates, no drop ship suppliers, and the need for substantial capital. This market is fiercely competitive and saturated. Acquiring liquor licenses for alcohol sales is a lengthy and uncertain process, often taking up to 2 years, with no guarantee of approval. Advertising adult toys is difficult due to restrictions from platforms like Facebook and Google, which reject ads containing adult content. General health and supplement markets are oversaturated unless you focus on a niche like menopause or children’s health. For home decor, combining furniture with a niche style like art deco or hamptons is recommended due to the scarcity of decor suppliers who drop ship. 

Step 3. Finalise Niche

After you’ve finished the videos and picked your preferred niche, please click the button below to set up a chat with our General Manager. Choosing the right niche can feel overwhelming—it’s a mental game where the fear of picking the ‘wrong’ one can de-rail you. Let’s talk about your choice.

We’re here to help guide you through these doubts and move confidently to the next step.

Please note: You have 14 days from the purchase date to finalise your niche. This helps avoid getting stuck in analysis paralysis. If you haven’t chosen a niche after 14 days, it will start to use up the time included in your package.