Online Reviews And SEO Rankings

Not only are good reviews good news for your business, they may also play a role in increasing your SEO rankings. In fact, your company’s SEO ranking will benefit greatly from a number of great customer reviews on eternal sites. If the opposite is the case, and your company’s online reviews are poor or nonexistent, then your SEO ranking will reflect this.

The benefits of a good review extend beyond mere publicity. Google uses customer reviews when deciding where to place your company in the local search results. In fact, the top three spots in any Google local search are reserved for companies with the best reviews. This means that when a consumer searches for businesses that are similar to yours in your local area, the first results will feature those companies with the best online customer reviews.

Rankings also determine potential customers’ perceptions of your business. Think about it. If you’re searching for a local hotel, are you going to be more inclined to click on the link to the 2 star rated hotel or the 5 star rated hotel? In addition to using reviews to decide where to stay or where to dine, many online consumers utilize online reviews when deciding whether or not to purchase a product or use a service.

Better reviews will naturally equate to more business. Sure, customer reviews are subjective. But they nevertheless represent a measure of customer satisfaction that many consumers rely on when making online purchasing decisions. For this reason alone, your online customer reviews matter a lot. However, reviews are not necessarily something that should be left entirely to the consumer.

There is nothing wrong with asking your satisfied customers to post a favorable review of your business online. Google’s recent Pigeon update gave a lot more influence to review-centered sites like Yelp, making online reviews even more important for your business. Most happy customers will be eager to leave positive reviews on Yelp and other similar sites. Sometimes you just have to remind them.